WISE@Madrid: Imagining the Future of Education

WISE@Madrid: Imagining the Future of Education

This Qatar’s Foundation initiative is remarkable and very necessary. A space where educators, educational leadership professionals and other organisations come together to discuss what they think the future of education will look like.

Mr. Mark Prensky opened the first session questioning how are we going to prepare the next generations for the a new and different world, and how are we going to help unleash the power of this 21 st century kids.

Some key points we learnt yesterday could be summarised in:

  1. We must reimagine education, all the way from Pre-K to Grad School in order to find the ways that better fit the kids of tomorrow.
  2. Education must help us create better peoplethat will improve our world.
  3. Education should be focused on kids’real world problemsand how they are going to fix them. This will help us improve our world and create empowered students.
  4. Education should be based on real-world projectsthat solve real problems.
  5. Effective education must be based on effective thinkingskills, effective actionskills and effective relationshipskills.
  6. Schools must help students achieve the following:
    1. Independenceand self-confidence
    2. Self-knowledgeand applied passion
    3. A strong sense of how they fitinto the future
  7. Mr. Prensky’s new education ABC’s:
    1. Accomplish
    2. Become
    3. Contribute
  8. We must first improve school leadersto be able to improve schools and education.
  9. Entrepreneurship can and must be taught in schools. To be great entrepreneurs kids need a broader learning in all areas.
  10. Schools can help teach entrepreneurship by integrating courses where kids create, build things, fail and try again, and again.

In conclusion, it was a pleasure to attend to WISE@Madrid and we hope these kind of events help educational administrators and policy makers realise how important and urgent it is for us as a country to start developing new ways and approaches to education that will help our students and future citizens create a better world and find how they fit into our society and how they can contribute to a better future.

With love,

Kanva Kids

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